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PestCert accredited pest control company

Childs Pest Services are a PestCert accredited company.

  •     So what is PestCert?

    PestCert is a non profit, professional accreditation program that has been established to improve the professionalism and reputation of Australia's pest management industry.

  •     So why did Childs Pest Services choose to     become an accredited company?
  • Glenn and Sandy always strive to provide their customers with the highest possible level of service. When the PestCert program was established it promoted the same standards that their business has been developed on, so it was their way of letting customers know that they comply with a demanding code of conduct and code of practice.

  •     Why use a PestCert accredited company?

    PestCert provides security, safety, quality of service and support to professional pest control companies throughout Australia. When choosing a company that is PestCert accredited, customers can have confidence knowing that their home, family, pets and the environment will all be treated at the highest standards that are available in the pest control industry today.

Want to know more about PestCert accreditation?
click on the logo to be directed to the PestCert website

PestCert accredited pest control business