We have created some leaflets that may help you when considering buying a home or when looking at problems that could be attracting termites to your home.

Making your home beautiful

Our home is our castle, and we all love to add those special touches that make it unique. When deciding what features to add, don't forget to consider it's impact on the termite management of your home. Many of these additions occur after the home has been built.

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Timber in contact with the soil

When timber is in direct contact with the soil, there is the very real possibility that termites could gain entry to the structure via this point. This usually occurs after the house has been built and decks, patios or landscaping have been added onto the property.

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This fishpond could be attracting termites to this house



Timber in contact with soil + a leaky tap


If you would like information on the impact
that landscaping or other features are having
on the termite management at your home

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