Introducing Plasmite ™ Patrol.

The alternative solution for a cost effective and
environmentally friendly physical termite barrier.


Plasmite™ Patrol is a physical termite barrier that protects a building and your health, used as a masonry/timber application. It is a non-biodegradable, non-destructive Borate application that does not rust and corrode in any environment especially when placed around slab penetrations and building perimeters providing life protection to these highly vulnerable areas.



The active ingredient used in the Plasmite Patrol Barrier is Boron, a non-toxic and non-biodegradable substance. The truly great aspect of Boron is that it has a transfer effect to seriously effect the entire nest of termites.

Some of the benefits of this exciting new product:

* Environmentally Friendly

* Long lasting protection - it will last the lifetime of the structure

* Proudly Australian owned

* Active ingredient has been fully tested by researchers around the world for over 100 years.

* Provides a 25 year product warranty which is renewable for the life of the building


Childs Pest Services are proud to announce that we are now the authorized agents for Plasmite ™ Patrol.

If you are building or planning extensions to your property,
then talk to us TODAY about what
we can do to put your mind at rest.


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