Are you busting to get rid of your termites?

Winter 2006


Annual Pest Conference an international event!

Sandy and Glenn return from the FAOPMA conference
in Qld with loads of information to help you with pests
around your home or business

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The use of termite shields
in buildings

If your home is built on anything other than a
concrete slab, then it is likely that termite shields
(commonly called ant caps) will have been used in the construction of your home or business premises.

Do you know why these have been used?

Keen to know a little more?

In our Autumn edition we covered the topic -
"Recognising the presence of termites"

In this issue of PestNews Online we explore what
is actually happening underneath your home

Click here for Part Two:

"The use of termite shields in buildings

Don't Forget about our incentive program!

With interest rates going up and petrol prices at a record high - wouldn't it be nice to get something
for nothing?

The incentive program is our company's way of saying Thank You to customers who recommend their family and friend to us.

It is simple... all you need to do is tell a friend or family member about us. When that person rings us to book a treatment and we are paid for the job, we will post you out a $20 Coles Myer card to use when you next go shopping. So tell your friends to mention your name when they book their treatment with us so you can go shopping soon!!


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