Commercial Treatments
If you run a business, the last thing you need is vermin ruining your professional image, not to mention the risk of disease etc... Why not discuss with us what options are available and have us tailor a pest management program to suit your needs.

Visual Termite Inspections

These are compiled in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.They specifically look for termite activity on a property and are usually carried out annually. (More often if termites are active on the property.) This includes getting into roof void & subfloor wherever possible.


Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections

As per Australian Standard AS 4349.3. Both these inspections take at least 1 hour and include a detailed written report. They are carried out before someone purchases a property and are usually required by the financial institution before a mortgage will be issued on a property. This report looks for termite activity, as well as timber borers, wood rot and fungal decay caused by wood decay fungi.

Invasive Termite Inspections

These inspections involve the use of a borescope to inspect the wall cavities without having to remove gyprock . A small camera is placed into a 10mm hole drilled into areas where termite activity is suspected.

Thermal Imaging Inspections
These inspections use state-of-the-art infrared technology that enables a fast, non-destructive and environmentally friendly method of successfully locating termite activity in buildings, trees, retaining walls and other timber structures.
However - not all thermal inspections are the same!

Our thermographers are trained and certified in Thermal Imaging for the Pest Industry to international standard ISO 20807. They are also licensed pest controllers, qualified to a minimum of Certificate III, and accredited timber pest inspectors.

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Various types of Termite Treatments
* Chemical termiticide barriers (including pre-construction)
* Baiting & monitoring systems
* Test drilling and monitoring of trees
* Treatments for all types of poles and posts
(eg, telegraph poles & pole home piers)
- to protect against wood rot and termites.
* Reticulation systems - Camilleri Underslab injection Systems

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General Pest Treatments
This is our most popular service package to protect families from the most common pests found around the home. It will treat pests such as Cockroaches, webbing spiders, black ants (inside only), and silverfish. However, occasionally people require a specific treatment to get rid of a particular pest & these are also available.

Special Treatments such as:
* Spiders
* German Cockroaches
* Ants
* Fleas
* Bees & Wasps
* Birds & bird proofing
* Bird Mites
* Rats & Mice - including lockable bait stations

Non Chemical methods for controlling pests - such as:
* Flying Insect traps - for both domestic & commercial situations
* Custom-made bird-proofing solutions

If you require a pest service that is not listed here
- just give us a call and see if we can help you!